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This web page has been designed to share chiropractic information ranging from conditions treated by a chiropractor to finding a doctor of chiropractic in your area.

Chiropractic is the second largest health care profession in the United States. It is the largest alternative health care profession in the nation. Doctors of chiropractic use spinal adjustments along with a variety of holistic therapies to treat a wide range of conditions.

The South Dakota Chiropractors' Association was incorporated on November 23, 1921. Our goal remains the same today, to inform and educate the people of the state about chiropractic and their health.


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Phone: 605-791-0770
Fax: 605-791-2137
Address: PO Box 2110
Rapid City, SD 57709


Chiropractic Students:

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Chiropractor of the Year Recipients:

1956  Dr. Isaac Tieszen (dec.)          
1957  Dr. Merit Kerl (dec.)
1958  Dr. Don McDowell (dec.)       
1959  Dr. Augie Schultz (dec.)
1960  Dr. Walt Wolf (dec.)              
1961  Dr. Ed Isaac (dec.)
1962  Dr. Herb Ortman (dec.)                   
1963  Dr. Ray Medick (dec.)
1964  Dr. George Reid (dec.)           
1965  Dr. Homer Robinson (dec.)
1966  Dr. R. Lyle Bethke (dec.)                 
1967 Dr. John ‘Wes’ Schwietert (dec.)
1968 Dr. Frank Bartlett (dec.)          
1969  Dr. Harlow Kerl
1970  Dr. Robert Holwell               
1971  Dr. S.J. ‘Chris’ Christensen (dec.)
1972  Dr. R.J. ‘Dick’ Ivey (dec.)      
1973  Dr. E. Wayne Carr (dec.)
1974  Dr. Max Winkler (dec.)           
1975 Dr. L.O. ‘Les’ Wienbar
1976  Dr. Ron Bubel (dec.)              
1977  Dr. Gene Carr (dec.)
1978  Dr. Frank Ninos                     
1979  Dr. Jim Green
1980  Dr. Bob Schmidt (dec.)           
1981  Dr. Pete Stahl
1982  Dr. K. P. Winkler* (dec.)                 
1983  Dr. Al Wahlert (dec.)
1984  Dr. Erv Ortman                      
1985  Dr. Stan Weiland 
1986  Dr. Hemming Oien (dec.)        
1987  Dr. Bert Tiesen
1988  Dr. John Chicoine                  
1989  Dr. Richard ‘Dick’ Erdmann (dec.)
1990  Dr. Doug Ortman                          
1991  Dr. Donn Fahrendorf
1992  Dr. Diane Winter                    
1993  Dr. John Nelson
1994  Dr. Tony Lammers               
1995  Dr. Kerwin Winkler* (dec).                       
1996  Dr. Charles Ortman             
1997  Dr. Wayne Ortman
1998  Dr. Mark Zeigler                    
1999  Dr. John Carr
2000  Dr. Tom Ivey                        
2001  Dr. Steve Headrick
2002  Dr. Jeff Monroe                   
2003  Dr. Scott Munsterman
2004  Dr. Tom Stotz                       
2005  Dr. Dave Eggers
2006  Dr. Fred Deutsch                           
2007  Dr. Robin Lecy
2008  Dr. Roger Prill                     
2009  Dr. Bruce Jon Hagen   
2010  Dr. Jim Schwietert               
2011  Dr. Max Reineke
2012  Dr. Greg Scherr                   
2013  Dr. Allen Unruh
2014 Dr. James Fitzgerald  

indicates multiple recipient, 2 or more years